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Building Envelope Consulting Services

GCI offers BEC services during design and construction to provide independent review, testing, and observation to confirm that building envelope elements are installed according to specifications, the building performs as designed, and building operation and maintenance costs are thereby minimized.

Building Envelope Consulting Services

Cost saving begins during design

Building Envelope Consulting services ideally begin during the Design Development phase as a resource to clients, architects, and builders. GCI’s offering of review and advice by our licensed, LEED accredited professionals and BESI and AWCI certified staff allows building envelope detailing adjustments to be identified at a point when changes are least expensive.

Improved conformance to details and specs

Construction observation and BEC testing leads to installation method improvements early in the construction process before interior finishes are applied when re-work is much less costly, and better conformance to details and specifications.

Building operating and maintenance costs are minimized

Joints between differing materials typically comprise less than 1% of the building envelope but contribute to 90% of the root causes of air and water leakage, which cause the vast majority of building envelope problems and energy waste. BEC services throughout design and construction can significantly reduce quality control issues during construction, reduce building operating costs, and improve the long term integrity of the building envelope.

BEC testing services:

Contact GCI's BEC services department at 614.895.1400 to arrange Building Envelope Consulting services for your next project.

Bob Hiles - bhiles@gci2000.com

Jack Chapin, Jr., AIA, NCARB - jchapin@gci2000.com

Ken Terry - kterry@gci2000.com


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